Key Partners

Aver Asia

AsiaMac and Aver Asia started their unique relationship as helpful next-door” neighbours. Little did both parties expect the level of relationship will one day be elevated.


Aver Asia, the parent company, is a market leader in Singapore’s access and build industry. With rapid overseas expansion in 2017, we have an impressive network with overseas offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, China, Thailand and Cambodia.


Aver Asia inspires to be the best equipment partner across Asia.


Dingli, our Zhejiang manufacturer, was the first aerial work platform Chinese manufacturer to be listed in the stock market.


With 200 patents and 6 product series, it demonstrates that Dingli is serious about manufacturing aerial work platforms of superior performance.


Living up to the motto “Dingli, based in China and embraces the world”, Dingli is reputed as the famous export brand of Zhejiang province.